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3 on 3 kick-out

3-on-3 help rotations, also see Defending - 3 on 3 take a charge, and Forcing-left shell (for 5 on 5).

Forcing-left defence influences ballhandlers to use their left hand, denies a pass to the attacking right, and gaps to allow a pass to the attacking left.


a) Middle drive from the defensive left wing

On-ball defender X2 calls "ball" (or "left"), forces ballhandler 2 to use his left hand, X1 gaps, X3 is in a sight (help) position, 3 is two passes from the ball.

2 drives middle and beats X2, X1 calls "help" and stops the drive, X3 helps the helper (stunts at 1).
X2 calls "early" if 2 is a match-up, X1 helps on the first dribble; if X2 calls "dead", X1 can deny 1.

2 passes to 1, X3 closes out, X2 takes 3 and gaps, X1 jumps to the ball and denies a return pass to 2.

In a game, X1 loses sight of 1 and calls "help", committing to a help rotation (he helps and stays, and needs help with 1). X3 takes first pass out of the trap, beaten man X2 has leftovers, going opposite the pass to take whichever attacker is left open.


- X1 helps and recovers to 1
- when X1 cuts off the drive, X3 rotates to cover 1, X2 rotates to cover 3, it's not a double-team, beaten man X2 does not wait for 2 to pass.
Andy Sparks
- X1 helps and stays if 1 spaces away on the drive (drifts),
- X1 helps and recovers if 1 stays,
- X1 and X2 switch if 1 rotates behind the drive (Euro),
- if 1 cuts backdoor, help comes from the top of the i (X3).

See Defending - Procopio 3 on 3 shrink, Fratello 3 on 3 drive and kick.

1 passes to 3, X2 closes out and forces left, X3 denies 1, X1 sprints to a help position.

Option - 1 drives and kicks to 3, gap defender X2 helps and recovers.

Frankston Blues - players need to be aware of their angle of approach when closing out from a help position one pass away from the ball. When the ball is passed to the wing, go underneath the line of the ball so that you can approach the ball head on, to do this take your first step towards the basket. If you recover parallel to the line of the ball or straight to your player it is extremely hard to take away the baseline drive.

coachesclipboard.ca - X1 two passes away from 3 should be lower than the ball (sagging back towards the basket), ready to give help. X1 must see his check and the ball at all times, constantly adjusting his position to maintain a 'flat triangle' one big step back off the line between 2 and the ball.

3 skips the ball back to 2, repeat two more times, then it's live when 2 kicks the ball to 1, to score the attackers must drive for a layup or drive and kick for a shot.

Variation - score by driving for a layup or take a 3-point shot at any time, see Attack/Defend - 3 on 3 kick-out, also Scrimmage - Penetrate to score.

Progression - 3 drives baseline, X1 helps again, see rotation (b).

See Defending - Forcing-left shell (add two low-post attackers with defenders, check for proper post defence as the ball moves).

b) Baseline drive from the right wing

3 drives baseline, X2 stops the drive, X1 sinks to help the helper.

Ben Jacobson - when the ball goes baseline, midline defender X2 gets outside the lane line (ballside), top man X1 covers down outside the lane weakside, butt to the baseline, below the offensive player.

Progression - a baseline drive flows from rotation (a).
Hoop Tactics - 1 passes to 3 and spaces away to the weakside wing, 2 drops to the corner, X1 and X2 assume helpside "i" positions.
See Defending - 4 on 4 circles, also 3-man rotation.

On a pass to 1 (or 2), beaten man X3 takes 1 (if X1 takes 1, 2 will be open going to the basket).

Option - X1 can take a pass to 1 if 2 is not close to the basket.

Re-set, repeat, go live.

See Defending - Fratello 3 on 3 drive and kick, 3 on 3 dribble penetration (beaten man X3 rotates to 1 when X2 stops the drive, with no trap).

Ben Jacobson - when the ball comes out, cover down X1 takes first pass, ball defender X3 rotates out with his momentum.

c) Drive from the top

3 is in the low post, X3 is up the line. 1 beats X1 with his left hand, X3 helps, X2 shoots the gap (covers down) to help the helper.

On a pass to 2, X3 stays with 1 and X2 stays with 3 (fronting if mismatched), beaten man X1 chases the pass to take 2.

Re-set, repeat, go live.


Rotation (a) - after the drive from the top, 3 relocates to the opposite wing, then 2 drives middle, X3 helps.

Rotation (b) - 3 drives baseline, X3 helps.

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