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Lee Rose pre-game

Lee Rose

An NBA game-day group shooting drill, each player has a ball, coaches are passers, shooters rebound their shots and return to their lines.

On one side, baseline shooters curl and fade for 2-point and 3-point shots, then coach will move out to the wing (foul-line extended), shooters cut up the middle for shots at the foul line, inside the arc, then behind the arc.

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On the other side, perimeter shooters start with 2-point then 3-point shots,
- catch and shoot
- catch, one right-hand-dribble pull-up (baseline)
- one-dribble bank shot
- two-dribble baseline pull-up
- one-dribble crossover pull-up.

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Each group shoots inside (baseline) and perimeter shots on one side of the floor, then switch sides.

Progression - Post-guard split

While one coach works with inside players on their post moves (at the other end), another coach moves to the foul-line extended and works on perimeter shooting, players pass to coach from midcourt, use the same sequence as sideline shooting above.

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