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4-team pull-ups

Fabian McKenzie
FastModel Sports

Four teams, each team has one ball and a player in the centre circle who gets a pass from a teammate on the sideline and dribbles for a shot (or layup), the passer follows the pass and is the next shooter.

Shooters rebound, outlet to their sideline, and follow their passes, continue.

Compete for makes or time.

- two balls per team, shooters dribble out to the sideline, or outlet with four or more players
- floaters, runners, pro hops
- crossover, between the legs, behind the back
- spin counter
- double moves, triple moves
- scissor series
- inside-out series
- hesitation series
- dribble-jab series
- freeze (size-up) pull-ups
- stepbacks, pullbacks.
Augie Johnston - dribble into a wing pick and roll.

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