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1 and 2 are in the corners. When coach shoots, their teammates crash the offensive boards, 1 sprints to the centre circle as the defensive safety, and 2 sprints to the top of the key.

Defensive rebounders X1 and X2 should "rebound down" - go to the defensive glass - since their checks are not crashing the boards.
(Options to start)
- coach calls "shot", shoots and self-rebounds, checks team O, passes to a defensive rebounder and calls "rebound"
- outlet if coach makes the shot (it's a miss)
- if team O gets an offensive rebound they hand the ball to the closest defensive rebounder.
See Fast break - Tar Heels 5 on 5, Transition - 5 on 0 defensive transition, Defending - Transition build-up.


On the outlet pass, 2 moves quickly to pressure the ball, forcing sideline and preventing a pass or dribble directly upcourt. 1 protects the basket until released by the first big to get back. Play up and back, re-start.


- the nearest attacker jams the defensive rebounder to prevent a quick outlet pass
- 1 and 2 sprint to each side of the centre circle, the ballside player takes the ball, the other protects the basket.up

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