Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

1 on 1
Kings court

1-on-1 at all available baskets. Play to X points or for X minutes, winners rotate counter-clockwise one basket (up to basket 1), losers rotate clockwise one basket (down to basket 6), use rock-paper-scissors to break any ties.

Option - limit of 2 or 3 dribbles.
Hoop Tactics - play to a stop or score, make-it take-it, play to X baskets, the winner moves up one basket, the loser moves down one basket, the goal is to move up to and stay at the championship basket. With an odd number of players, the loser at the bottom basket steps off; with more players, losers at the two bottom baskets step off. Basic 1-on-1 rules,
- shoot for possession to start (one player shoots and gets the ball on a make, otherwise partner gets it), then the winner at each basket gets first possession
- back-down dribbling not allowed
- make-it take-it
- alternate possession on jump balls (defence gets first possession)
- call your own fouls
- closely-guarded 5-second rule in effect
- alternating jump ball in effect if there is a dispute
- any arguing, both players move to the bottom basket.

See Defending - DeMatha wildcat for the set-up.

Progression - 3 on 3 - defence checks the ball in after a make, takes the ball outside the 3-point line on a stop.

Variation - 3 or more players at each basket, see 1 on 1 - At each basket.

See Shooting - King of the hill, Scrimmage - FIBA 33.

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