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Porter 1 on 2

Doug Porter

a) Chase and Turn

1 attacks up the sideline, X1 runs alongside and tries to turn him after halfcourt, X4 chases and traps from behind (in a game, X4 is the defender who would take the inbounds passer). Work both sides.

See Pressing - UConn 1 on 2 alley trap (trap from the front), 1 on 2 fullcourt, also 2 on 2 trapping, 2 on 2 fullcourt.


Defenders pass to the attacker, who tries to get to halfcourt, the defenders looks to contain and trap (e.g. fan trap up the sideline, funnel trap in the middle, or run and jump).
See Pressing - George Mason drills (herding).

(Variation - 1 on 3, add a defender up the ballside sideline who can run and jump or trap from the front, see Defence - Run and jump)

Go 2-on-1 at the other basket, the defender looks to take away a layup, and blocks out a shooter.
Shaka Smart - do 1 on 2 to halfcourt, defenders pass to an attacker and close out to trap, arms up, chop the feet, be elastic (he's got his dribble, move as he moves). Outnumbered situations are huge, they play some form of 2 on 1 every day, e.g. from halfcourt or the elbows, don't allow a layup.
Mike Rhoades - 1 on 2 corral - coach gives 1 the ball, defenders try to force a turnover or trap the ball, 1 tries to beat them up the floor.

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