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Mike MacKay

1 drives baseline and passes to 4 who spaces on the drive, here to the weakside corner. Players should not stand after penetrating and passing, so 1 breaks for a pass from 5 and shoots.
Aaron Blakely - 1 simulates coming off a downscreen, inside pivot, shoot, progress to 3-point shots.

Drew Hanlen - drift and curl shooting - the second line passes to a coach, who passes to 1 curling for a shot.

1 and 4 rebound their shots and switch lines. 2 drives middle, passes to 5 spacing on the drive, then cuts to space for a pass from 6 and a shot.
(5 can rotate behind or widen the drive)

3 will drive baseline next, and pass to 6.
(Variation - since 2 has to wait for 1 to clear out, have 2 drive baseline, continue, then switch to middle drives)
Hanlen - drive and kick-kick - 5 starts in the corner, cuts up to the wing for a pass from 2, penetrates and kicks to 2 for a shot, coach passes to 5.

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