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5star triple b

Scott Adubato

Triple B - bust, bounce, blow by.

Starting from halfcourt, pass to coach, bust right at him, coach tosses the ball back to the left hand, attack coach's right shoulder with an inside-out move, finish with a floater, reverse layup or spin pullback layup.

If coach jumps in front, change direction, e.g., with a crossover, behind the back or spin move.

Coach can pass back earlier, or later (harder to read the defence).

Change sides, coach will pass to the right hand.
See Shooting - Kevin O'Neill handoffs.

(Option - players just attack coach from halfcourt, without passing, see Shooting - Florida dribble series and Layups - Primary-secondary moves)

Progression - add a second line of defence, ballside (or use a cone). Coach passes earlier and jumps in front to force a change, then the second defender steps up to force a second change. Finish with a spin pullback, slice, or floater (over the defender).

The finishes that a point guard needs are:

- a spin layup on the other side of the rim (cradle the ball with both hands)
- a floater off one foot, high off the glass over a shot blocker
- step across a defender (hop into a slice), shoot off two feet
- a reverse layup to cut off a defender.

Be efficient, go north-south.
Taylor Allan - second line of defence
- pull up and shoot (not a floater or spin or Euro-step), or go by if he closes the gap (around if you are moving quicker, change direction if he is moving quicker)
- Euro-step - about 5-10 foot range, fake in the direction the help defender is moving, e.g. step outside then go around him inside
- spin - fake in the direction he is moving, spin opposite
- push-cross - the help defender is a little further from the hoop, head fake in the direction he is moving, push it through (roll crossover, throw across), may not need another dribble; almost like splitting two defenders.
Augie Johnston
- pro hop - the last dribble has to be hard, jump off the non-dribble foot (slice), jump stop, switch the ball from side to side
- Euro step - finish with a half reverse (option - pass fake on the first step outside)
- Rondo - stride stop, fake a goofy half reverse, spin for a shot, hook, or step thru
- use a floater when you are too close for a jump shot but not quite in layup range, stride stop and shoot off two feet (a runner is off one foot).

See Dribbling - Chair drill, Tom Crean cone drill, Layups - Cross the lane.up

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