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Post play
Pasquali reaction

Renato Pasquali

Post players read and react in different situations.


Face the basket with quick feet (pitter patter), coach is behind.

a) Coach bounces a ball to your left or right (shown), don't let it bounce twice, dribble once, finish with an outside-inside power layup (or jump hook, or spin away for a shot, or spin and step through), continue.

Repeat on each side from above the blocks.

See Post play - Pasquali shots, Pasquali power layups.

b) Turn on a signal, react to any pass made by coach, finish.

c) Offensive rebounding - coach tosses a ball off the backboard, jump, rebound, keep the ball high, land, step to the basket with the inside foot, power layup.

Progression - two quick jumps - jump, rebound, keep the ball overhead, land, jump again and shoot.

See Post play - Power-ups.


Face coach, get a pass to one hand, shoulder fake to that side, front pivot opposite for a jump hook, progressions

- front pivot, shot fake, up and under
- add a coach behind with blocking pad, turn your head to read the defender, pivot away (your pivot foot is the one furthest from your defender)
- react to hand signals with quick hip turns, then react to a pass, finish.

Option - use two balls and a rebounder.

See Post play - Back to the passer, One-hand catches, Sweep from flash.


Flash pivot - facing the basket in the low post, make a swim move to duck in for a pass (front pivot on the inside foot), read coach defending to finish.

Switch sides.


Get an entry pass on one side, reverse pivot on the baseline (outline) foot, dribble middle, if coach on the other wing puts up his hands (shown), pass and cut to the high post or ballside short corner for a return pass, if he doesn't put up his hands, finish with a post move.

See Post play - Catch-pass-cut, Tom Crean ball reversal.up

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