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Kevin O'Neill on the move

Kevin O'Neill

Each player has a ball.

a) Pass to coach from the sideline, cut for a return pass, inside pivot, elbow shot, rebound, go to the other side, repeat from there, make 10 in total. Get low before the catch.

Progressions - shot fake, one-dribble pull-ups both ways.

b) Pass to coach from halfcourt, cut for a return pass, shot fake, go right then left the next time, one-dribble pull-up.

Go somewhere with the ball, deep in the paint. Catch with the shooting foot ahead (the left foot for a right-hander), go right by a defender body to body, not sideways where he can catch up.
Variation - pass to coach off the dribble, see Shooting - Florida dribble-pass-shoot.

c) Pass to coach from the baseline, cut to the wing, catch, square up, drive middle, lay it in, use the backboard if you can, rebound, go to the other side.


- catch, sweep baseline to the basket, shoot off two feet (in traffic).
- shot fake, one dribble to the middle, crossover, lay it in
- shot fake, start middle, spin dribble, lay it in
- use different pivots.

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