Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills


Focus on stance, grip, elbow, shooting platform, aim, arc, and follow through (up, reach in the cookie jar and hold for backspin). Keys to arc are up, and legs.

1) Dave Smart lie-down shooting

Lie on the floor face up, finger pads on the ball (no palm, not just finger tips), shoot 6 feet in the air with no guide hand, hyper-extend the elbow on release, catch with the shooting hand, ball lands within a 3-inch area at least 46 out of 50 times. Think index finger in middle of the basket, the ball must come off the hand the same way each time. Shoot 50-100 per day.

- shoot with a guide hand and catch with both hands
- shoot layups off the backboard, can lift your head off the floor.

2) Wall shooting

Near a wall, pick a ball off the floor (thumbs in a "T"), shoot high off the wall (lots of arc) so the ball bounces only 3-4 feet from the wall (glancing on the way down), finish on toes, follow through until the ball hits the floor, catch and shoot again, 10-20 reps.
Basketball WA - push pass against a wall, catch and shoot toward the wall, start with one hand, add the guide hand.
Frog shooting - 10 toes to the basket in stance, ball on the floor, pick it up, jump straight up and shoot (option - to yourself, let it bounce).

3) Shoot the line (Frankston Blues)

Teach creating a straight line to the basket with the shooting foot, knee, elbow, eye and ball, can be done with or without guide hand.

4) At a basket

Close to a basket, with the shooting hand under the ball at waist level, other hand behind your back, raise the ball into the shooting platform ("waiter" position), shoot, finish on toes, follow through, 10-20 reps, try for a swish each time, no rim or backboard.

Progression - add the guide hand.

Range-finder option - move one step back on 3 makes in a row, in on 3 misses in a row; repeat with weak hand, see Dave Smart beat the pro.

5) Pairs

Form shoot in pairs with one ball, option to let the ball bounce (progression - try to hit a line on the floor running between the two players).

Frankston Blues - aim to land the ball on your partner's head.
Progression - one player passes to the other, who shoots back.

6) Chair

Shoot at a basket while sitting on the edge of a chair.
highperformancebasketball.ca - rise off the chair and shoot in one motion.
7) Backboard drills

- from in front, shoot off a top corner of the backboard so that the ball returns to your shooting position without moving your hands (otherwise jump behind the ball)
- from the side, shoot off the side of the backboard
- from an angle, shoot off the corner where the front and side of the backboard meet.
Brenda Frese - two players at each basket, one on each side facing the backboard, sit (low in an invisible chair), present hands (hold the ball low as if catching a pass), take the ball into the shot pocket, shoot, high off the backboard, 25 reps.

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