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3 on 3 fullcourt

3 on 3 continuous with 12 or more players, rotation is attack, defend, go off.

Players 1-2-3 attack 4-5-6. Remaining players are in three lines behind each baseline.

On a stop or score, 4-5-6 outlet to one of three new attackers 7-8-9 coming on from the baseline to attack 1-2-3, then 4-5-6 go off behind the baseline.
Variation - 4-5-6 outlet on a defensive rebound, 8 gets the ball out of the basket on a score.

Play to a stop or score going the other way.

On a score or stop, defenders 1-2-3 outlet to three new attackers coming on the floor, who attack 7-8-9. 1-2-3 leave behind the far baseline.


- two teams, one at each end
- 4 on 4 with 16 players or more
- defenders can press to steal the ball in their frontcourt and attack again (outlet the ball on a backcourt stop)
- inbound the ball after a score, new attackers get an inbounds pass from the defenders going off (see Continuous 3 on 3), or a) new attackers get the ball out of the net and take it behind the baseline to make the inbounds pass, b) they get a pass behind the baseline from the defenders going off, then inbound
- after a score, defenders stay on defence, they must make a stop to get off; here if 7-8-9 had scored, they go off and 1-2-3 defend new attackers (not an option with teams).
Ettore Messina - 3 on 3 recovery - two teams, on a stop or score, new attackers get an outlet pass from one of the defenders going off. 3 on 3 is a fast break situation because so much space is available. Progression - 4 on 4 with 16 players, the trailer (a big) should cut into the lane after the initial 3 on 3 wave of attack, looking for a pass. The cut can be to the basket (most of the time), just below the foul line (the defence is deep), or weakside looking for a lob (a defender is on the ballside low post), then cut to the ballside short corner. This causes the defence to collapse, making ball reversal to a shooter easier by skip pass or through the point guard. The shooter can shoot, dribble penetrate or pass to the trailer, who could have relocated to the new ballside low post. The use of a trailer (first big) and weakside shooter are vital to the fast break. In a game, finishing a fast break with three outside players and one inside player usually brings a positive result, whereas players tend to lose their aggressiveness on a fast break using all five players. The second trailer ballscreens if he arrives and the action has not yet happened.
See 2 on 2 on 2, and Swiss 3 on 3 converting (minimum 10 players).

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