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Procopio ballscreen series

Mike Procopio

a) 2 on 0

1 dribbles down with his outside hand to the foul-line extended, low enough that his defender has to decide whether to go over or under a ballscreen. 5 starts spaced out and sprints to screen as 1 gets in place (wear down his defender), 1 waits for the screen (don't leave early) and comes off with two hard dribbles for a jump shot, 5 rolls hard to draw help defence and meet him deep (5 can turn his ahead away from the ball and round off his roll below the block, with a little more spacing). 1 and 5 switch sides.


- hit the roll man with a pocket (bounce) pass
- the screener picks and pops baseline 15-17 feet for a pocket or jump hook pass
- add a defender on the screener who takes two hard slides out then sprints back with high hands, the ballhandler squares him up, pulls back then attacks for a jump shot
- the defender shows on a flatter angle (not the same angle as the screen), the ballhandler splits and goes to the basket.

b) 3 on 0

Weakside duck-in - the screener starts at the ballside elbow, weakside 4 ducks in as 1 comes off the screen (seal a small cover guy when X4 goes to bump the roller), catch and shoot.

Rotate 4 to 5, 5 off, continue then change sides.

Progression - hit the duck-in, who makes a high-low bounce (touch) pass to the roller.

c) 4 on 0

Weakside shooter - 1 makes a two-hand overhead jump pass to 3 for a three-point shot (3 can stay in the corner or move up).

On pick and roll, try to force two guys to cover one, get the ball in the paint, and force defenders to close out long.

d) 5 on 0

1 jump passes to 3 in the corner, who passes to 7 for a shot.

Follow your pass, rotate 1 to 3 to 7 to the point-guard line (perimeter players are interchangeable).

5 on 0 series

- 1 comes off the ballscreen for a jump shot
- 1 hits 5 rolling to the rim
- 1 hits 5 popping for a jump shot
- 1 hits 4 ducking in for a shot
- 1 hits 4, bounce pass to 5
- 1 hits 3 for a shot
- 1 hits 3 who passes to 7 for a shot.

Repeat on the other side, then rotate players.

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