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Start under the basket, dribble with the right around the right elbow and back for a layup, rebound.

Dribble with the left out and around the left elbow for a layup, continue, how many layups in 60 seconds.


- shooting with the right (left) hand on the right (left) side is worth 2 points, shooting with the other hand is only 1 point
- place a cone or pylon at each elbow
- dribble out to the three-point line
- with 6 baskets available, have 6 players start in the centre circle, each dribbles to a different basket on a signal.

Hal Wissell

Dribble in then out with the same hand, change hands to drive the basket. The goal each round is 8 layups in 30 seconds, the shot progression is

- regular layups
- reverse layups
- pullback crossover, finish on the other side
- runners, shooting with the dribble hand.
Jamie Angeli - use two dribbles to the basket, alternate one-foot and two-foot (power) layups, make 10-20 baskets.
Derek Kellogg - footwork shooting progression - 30 or 60 seconds, dribble around each cone and shoot, inside pivot foot.
Xavier - X-out layups - dribble with the left hand to the left elbow, jump stop, pivot, attack with the left hand for a layup, go for one minute, use different finishes, e.g. regular, reverse, power, etc.
Steve Smith - X-out layups - start at an elbow, make 8 layups (alternating elbows), always dribble with the outside hand.
Mike MacKay - speed layups - use 6 cones around the 3-point line, start under the basket, dribble around a cone and make a layup (putback any miss), repeat with all cones.
See Layups - 1 dribble from the arc, Intensity, Shooting - 5star triangle, Altizer 7-minute challenge (W-out layups), Footwork - Pivot and score.

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