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Kevin O'Neill moves

Kevin O'Neill

Dribble at coach with the right hand, make a hesitation move and finish off two feet, switch sides. Change direction and speed (accelerate), push the ball in front off your toe, between your shoulders, not by your heel. Shoot off two feet in traffic.

Progressions (coach calls out the move):

- left to right behind the back
- left to right crossover
- right to left to right double crossover.

Option - another coach under the basket fouls players for a three-point play.

See Dribbling - 5star workout, 5star triple b, Layups - Villanova, Primary-secondary moves.

coachesclipboard.ca - players dribble with their right hand, drive by tight if coach does not move, or make a crossover move if coach steps to his left.

Blaine Taylor - starting with the right hand on the right, attacking moves from halfcourt are hesitate, stutter (3 squeaks), stutter crossover, inside-out, inside-out crossover, and speed. Use one dribble after the 17-foot move on coach. Can also attack up the middle. Progression - kiss shots off the glass.

Tony Bergeron
- drive with the right hand, shoulder-roll (inside-out) move, finish
- crossover, left-hand layup on the other side of the rim [scoop shot tight to the rim, or baby hook]
- shoulder roll, one dribble, finish on the other side (right-hand reverse layup)
- repeat from the left side.

Mike Procopio - warm-up - dribble with the right hand on the right side, a) crossover, one dribble, finish on the other side, b) crossover, crossover (help defender at the elbow), finish.

Derek Kellogg - attack the elbow - outside-hand dribble, five moves on each side
- stutter step (freeze the defence), explode by, one dribble after the defender
- stutter, inside-out, blow by
- stutter, low crossover, finish with a floater or dunk
- stutter, through the legs (sit on the ball)
- through the legs, crossover (Hardaway).
Ganon Baker - NBA Moves
- Iverson a) crossover, b) cross, behind the back (counter)
- Tony Parker combo a) behind, cross, b) behind, cross, cross
- Chris Paul a) inside-out, b) inside-out cross (or behind)
- Derrick Rose killer crossover a) between the legs, behind, b) between, behind, cross
- Deron Williams spin series a) inside-out, spin, b) between, spin, c) spin, pullback, crossover
- Grayson Boucher stutter - between the legs twice (under the same leg, a freeze dribble)
- Steve Nash series a) dribbling with right hand, jab left, go right (dribble jab), b) behind the back, c) double behind the back
- Xavier McDaniel - in transition, behind the back to the same hand, spin (or crossover).

Other moves
- crossover-jab - crossover, jab with the foot opposite the ball (see Nash dribble jab above)
- jab-crossover - jab with the dribble foot (same side as the ball), crossover.

Taylor Allan - from halfcourt attack a chair at the arc, make a single move, explode and finish at the rim, progressions - double move, triple move.

Ganon Baker - stutter J - fake a drive (jab with the dribble foot), the other foot comes forward, shoot.

Taylor Allan - freeze pull-ups
- hard between the legs at your defender, carry the back foot forward into a jump shot
- hard inside-out, carry the back foot (the non-dribble foot) into a jumper.

Augie Johnston - in-n-out jumper - inside-out move (the defender thinks blow-by, jumps back with hands down), into a quick-release jumper (outside-inside footwork, not inside-outside).

Damin Altizer - open-court pull - attack with the outside (dribble) foot, step up with the back foot, rise up to shoot,

Damin Altizer - (dribble) jab series (start with a back-down dribble then square up)
- side (lateral) jab with the inside (non-dribble) foot
- jab-at - rotate hips, hard inside-foot jab at
- jab and pull - hard jab-at, pullback (land on two, square).

coachesclipboard.ca - hesitation dribble moves
- stutter step
- stop on one foot (hesitate and rise up on the non-dribble foot)
- skip (on the non-dribble foot)
- gallop step - rise up and hop off the front foot, land on the back foot and explode (Kevin Durant - go between the legs to start, Iverson crossover - between the legs, hop, land 1-2, cross).

Augie Johnston
a) Tony Parker moves
- crossover (throw-across) spin
- in-and-out cross
- spin
b) Lebron James crossover - through the legs (e.g., left to right), hesitate, jab step (left), load up (on the left foot), explode
c) Kyrie Irving crossover - bring the ball outside (e.g. inside out), hesitate, cross it over
d) Deron Williams crossover - through the legs, hesitation (gallop step), crossover (Tim Hardaway - through the legs, cross)
e) dribble jab - turn and jab with the non-dribble foot, push off into a step-back shot (much easier dribbling with the left hand).

Augie Johnston
a) double moves
- through-cross
- through-hesitation-cross
- through-behind
- through-under
- cross-cross
- cross-through
- behind-behind
- behind-cross
- behind-through
b) triple moves
- cross-through-behind
- through-cross-cross
- through-under-cross.

See Dribbling - Fullcourt moves, Speed course, KP Series.up

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