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1-2-3 rush (three-line passing) for a layup. 1 rebounds, 2 and 3 cross.

They rush back for another layup.
(Variation - three-man weave up and back, see below)

X1 rebounds and attacks 3-on-3 with X2 and X3.

Variation - X2 and X3 can leave when the ball passes the foul line for the layup.

After a stop or score, 1-2-3 attack X1-X2-X3 going back. When play is over, the next group of players comes on to start with 3-line passing.

Option - X1-X2-X3 make the next rush up and back.

American Basketball Quarterly (2006Q2) - 3-on-3 rush drill - six players with one ball on each baseline, start with a 3-man weave up and back, the next group gets the ball out of the net, can shoot only an uncontested layup in transition, otherwise set up 3-on-3 and set two designated screens before scoring, play to a stop or score, 3-on-3 going back, start from the other baseline when play is over, assign a coach to each group who works with them when they go off.

Sherri Coale - 3-man rush - three-man weave upcourt and back for layups. X1-X2-X3 get the ball out of the net, attack, and must set two ballscreens before shooting (work on ballscreen coverage, or coach specifies some other action), play to a stop or score, then 1-2-3 attack coming back with the same rules, re-set and rotate players for a new three-man weave up and back.

See Offence - DeMatha flex (5 on 0 to 5 on 5), Pistons scrimmages (5 on 0 to 5 on 5 to 5 on 5), Fast break - Florida 3 on 0.

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