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Nash zone gap

Steve Nash

4 on 4 with a box or diamond zone defence. Attackers uses a diamond attack against a box zone and a box attack against a diamond zone. Attackers want to dribble at a gap between two defenders then find the open man, attackers without the ball must step into open areas.
(Other options)
- freeze dribble, dribble push, shallow cut (to post the zone, set up ball reversal, screen the zone, flash middle from weakside), misdirection dribble
- pass fake, ball reversal, skip pass, shot fake
- motion (pass and cut)
- live on "go".

See Zone offence - Duke.
See Duke zone box (3 on 4), also 5 on 4 zone.
Kirby Schepp
- 4 on 4, defenders play in a box (an attacker can go on the baseline, shown) or a diamond (the bottom defender has the corners). On offence, go where they ain't, make two defenders play you, draw a triangle where you are a point between two defenders. The ballhandler drives a gap, pass-pass, hold for a two-count, everyone else re-sets into a gap (triangle) with spacing, repeat, then try to make three passes.
- 5 on 5 (with high post 4 and low post 5), start by having attackers pass the ball around, they can't move except 5 who can go side to side. Then allow movement and shooting, but 4 or 5 has to touch the ball before a shot.
See YouTube video - Attacking zone, Zone offence - Schepp.
Canada Basketball teach concepts using 4-on-4 against even-front and odd-front zones.
1. Spacing only, players are not allowed to cut or dribble, lots of pass fakes. Perimeter players get into in gaps, posts look to seal a defender or pop to space. A low post can pop to the short corner to drag a defender and create a gap, a high post can pop out to pull a defender or aid in ball reversal. Against an even-front zone, a high post should not start in the middle of the floor as it takes away the drive line for the guard.
2. Add dribble penetration - freeze, dribble push (a player runs through the zone or shallow cuts), attack.
3. Add cutting - to confuse or overload the zone, e.g. the top player passes and cuts away (if a top defender guards the ball), or to the ballside corner (if a bottom player guards the ball).
4. Add screening.
Inside players spend two seconds in, two seconds out, perimeter players penetrate, rotate, and pass.



Against a diamond zone.

Dena Evans (PGC)  - Zone attack rules
- the ballhandler engages (occupies) two defenders, does not get "married" with two guys all over him (engage two twice in a row - engage, pass, engage, pass to a shooter)
- any attacker next to the ball makes a perfect (equilateral) triangle with the nearest two defenders
- attackers who are not next to the ball dance into openings, they work in tandem, if they don't get the ball, get out of the way
- ball fake and grimace (use facial expressions).
See YouTube playlist - Zone offence.

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