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Fast break
Chaser layups

Ian MacKinnon

Two teams chasing each other, one ball per team. On each team a pair of players make fast-break layup at both baskets, then two teammates come in and do the same. The competition is over when one team catches the other by getting its ball inside the 3-point line at the same basket

On Team O, 1 outlets to 2 then goes wide, 2 dribbles upcourt and passes to 1 for a layup (he has to score, make a putback on a miss).

X1 and X2 do the same on team X going the other way.

Shooter 1 keeps going to the outlet spot, 2 rebounds, passes, runs wide and makes the layup coming back.

X2 shoots for team X.

Shooter 2 goes off, 3 and 4 come on the floor, passer 1 rebounds and outlets to 3 then goes off. 3 passes to 4 in the centre circle then goes wide for a return pass and layup.

Coming back, 4 will outlet to 3, run wide for a return pass and layup, 3 will rebound and outlet to a new teammate coming on.

X3 and X4 come on for team X.

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