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Finishing options

- inside-hand (off the opposite foot)
- fake a pass (as you land on the outside foot)
- Ginobili (outside foot steps at 45 degrees then 45 degrees back in with the inside foot to avoid a defender)
- behind the back (outside to inside wrap with the ball)
- runners (shots off one foot)
- hook shots (drive middle to the other side of the basket)
- pro hop (jump off the inside foot at the same time as the last dribble hits the floor, land with a jump stop)
- drive middle, pro hop towards the basket (slice)

- slides (dribble baseline, jump off the inside foot into a jump stop facing the baseline, finish with the hand furthest from the defender).

- spin to one-dribble layup (drive middle, spin, one dribble, finish with the other hand)
- spin to layup (no dribble after the spin).

Other options

- reverse layups (drive baseline)
- two-foot reverse layups
- pull-ups (off the outside foot into an inside-outside 1-2 stop)
- step-backs (off the inside foot at an angle into a 1-2 stop, use an inside-out dribble to drive the defender back).

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