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2 on 1 outlet (teams)

Kennedy Kereama
FIBA (YouTube)
See YouTube video - Transition offence and defence.

Two teams, 1 and 2 attack X1, play to a stop or score.

Each team has extra players on the sideline foul-line extended and on the baseline behind the basket (who always come in on defence).

As the ball crosses halfcourt, 3 comes in and steps up to halfcourt ready to play defence.

X1 outlets to X2, who calls for the ball and steps inside the 3-point line, X1 and X2 attack 3.

1 and 2 re-join their team (alternate lines), X4 will come in from the other end as the ball crosses halfcourt.

Play to a stop or score, then 3 will outlet to 5, they attack X4, X1 and X2 go off, and 4 comes on ready to defend.

(Variation - only one line of players for each team, on the sideline)

See Transition - 3 on 2 outlet (teams), also 2 on 1 outlet.up

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