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Blackford 5-spot

Tom Blackford

5-spot shooting (corner, wing, top, wing, corner), shoot for 3 minutes at each spot. It's not a passing drill, he just wants a good pass, use a dribble to get closer. Each player will shoot 75-100 shots.

Passers go to the shooting line, shooters rebound and go to the passing line. Change the passing angle when shooting at the top of the key.

a) Catch and shoot

Hop or 1-2, 3s or closer.

End it on a swish.

b) Off the bounce

Every other day it's off the bounce.

Alternate one-dribble pull-ups left and right, here 3 goes right from the top of the key, 4 will go left.

See Shooting - Circle, 80 hoops, also 6 spot, 2 line make 7.

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