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Free throws
Two and move

Ian MacKinnon

Use all six baskets, two players at each basket, one ball per pair. At one basket, 1 takes two foul shots, partner 2 rebounds from an offensive rebounding spot on the lane line and makes a putback after each shot, make or a miss, then 2 takes two free throws with 1 making the putbacks.
- no putbacks
- shoot until you miss, or make 3 in a row (or 2 in a row for weaker players), see Free throws - Consecutive.

When both players have taken two foul shots, they call "open", run to the centre circle, then to the next open basket, repeat. Continue until all players have taken 10 foul shots (or 12 shots, using all baskets).
- the rebounder gets one point for a made putback with no bounce, a made free throw is also one point, keep score
- 2 takes a layup at the next basket, passes to shooter 1 then rebounds
- go until each player makes 10 foul shots.

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