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Eastman elbow pick-ups

Kevin Eastman

Two chairs at the elbows, with a ball on each. Player 1 fakes left then cuts around the chair at the right elbow, picks up the ball and shoots, then comes back out top to repeat going the other way. 2 rebounds and passes to 3, who puts the balls on the chairs. 1 must get down to get the ball, teaching him to play the game from low to high.
FIBA Assist 9 - shoot immediately, after a dribble, after a shot fake, or after a shot fake and dribble.

Taylor Allan - 2-ball chair shooting - start on the baseline with two balls, pound-crossover dribble out to a chair at the top of the key, turn the corner, put one ball on the chair, take a one-dribble pull-up with the other ball, curl back around the chair, pick up the ball, take another one-dribble pull-up (go both directions, repeat on the wings).

See Layups - Eastman intensity, Shooting - Billy Donovan workouts (screen shooting using two chairs), Post play - Danny Manning.

Reverse pick-ups - 1 runs by the chair, reverses direction (with his back to the basket) to come back the other way.
See Shooting - Iowa movement without the ball (a solo shooting drill).
Don Kelbick - reverse shots - touch a chair outside, cut back inside, pick up the ball, inside pivot foot, shoot.

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