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Pro Training workout #3

Pro Training (YouTube)

See video - Pro Training workout #3, also Dribbling - Pro Training workout, workout #2.

Combine conditioning with dribbling and scoring.

1) Stationary

a) 20 reps each,

- around the waist plus crossover (clockwise around the waist into R-L crossover, counter-clockwise into L-R crossover)
- around the waist plus behind the back (clockwise into R-L behind, counter-clockwise into L-R behind)
- figure 8 then double between the legs (front to back)
- figure 8 then double between the legs, reverse (back to front).

b) Wall tap series

Arm's length away from a wall, 25 reps each (two moves is one rep), continuous,

- crossover, touch the wall
- between the legs (and back under), right leg up
- between the legs, left leg up
- behind the back.

2) Countdown drill

Facing north or south, do 5 one-dribble crossovers (pound-cross pound-cross is one rep), slam the ball on the floor, defensive slide across the lane and back, count down with 4-3-2-1 reps, repeat starting on the other side of the lane, re-do between the legs then behind the back.

See Defending - Lane slides, Dribbling - Tony Watson series (Countdown).up

3) Tight moves to half

Start on the baseline, do one-dribble crossovers to halfcourt and back, keep your handles as tight and fast as possible, get in as many reps as you can. Do two sets, repeat between the legs, and behind the back.

See Pro training workout #2 (Fullcourt series).up

4) Three moves to finish

24 total makes. Three cones on each side (the closer together the cones, the tighter your handles have to be).

Attack starting with the outside hand, make one-dribble crossovers, finish with a reverse layup (on the other side, alternate hands). Repeat for 4 makes for each move on both sides, the moves are crossover, between the legs, and behind the back.

See Dribbling - Pro Training workout (4 cones).up

5) Scoring series

24 makes. One cone on each side. Attack with the outside hand, make a move at the cone, make 4 shots, the series is

- crossover, right-hand layup
- crossover, left-hand layup
- crossover, two pull-ups.

Repeat with between the legs, and behind the back for a total of 12 makes on each side.

See Dribbling - 5star workout, Kevin O'Neill moves.up

6) One stop and a score

12 total makes. Start on the baseline (facing the baseline), defensive slide to halfcourt, holding a ball.

Attack, do one move, pull up for a jump shot.

If you make the shot, do the same thing but do the next move and pull up (the moves are crossover, between the legs, behind the back).

Once you make a shot using all three moves, move on to the next spot. Make three at the right wing (attacking right, with the outside hand), three at the left wing, three at the top of the key attacking right (shown), and three at the top attacking left.

Finish your workout with at least 20 made free throws.

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