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Fast break
Procopio 4 on 0 ballscreens

Mike Procopio

5 ducks in from the weakside for a pass from coach, scores, runs the floor as the first big in transition, waits, then posts ballside (run the floor hard, get a guard to help off a shooter).

4 gets the ball out of the net, touches the backboard with the ball, lands, scores, outlets to 1 (or 2), and trails. 1 dribbles up the side, the ball is reversed to 2, 1 spaces to the corner to force his defender into longer help and a longer close-out, 4 follows his pass to pick and roll, 2 cross-steps baseline to force his man away from the screen before coming off with two dribbles, 5 ducks in from the weakside, 2 shoots a jump shot.

Coming back, 4 is the first big, 5 outlets to 2 who dribbles up, the ball is reversed to 1, 5 picks and rolls, 4 ducks in, 1 shoots.

Keep good spacing, guards wait for the outlet pass, close to the sideline but not too close.

The next group goes, 4 stays on as the duck-in man (each big will go twice).


- hit the roll man
- hit the duck-in man
- hit the weakside wing with a two-hand overhead (jump) pass.

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