Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

Stops & pivots

On "go, players on the baseline run out, on "stop" they jump stop, on "go" they continue upcourt and the next group starts.

a) use 1-2 stops (L-R and/or R-L)
b) set screens (jump stop or squeaky feet)
c) stop, pivot 360 degrees using four 90-degree reverse or forward pivot steps, start with the permanent pivot foot
d) stop, pivot using two 180-degree forward (swim) or reverse (leg whip) pivots.

breakthroughbasketball.com - 180 and 180 pivots, and if anyone travels they all start over.

Tony Bergeron - players hold a ball overhead, jump stop, make four 90-degree pivots (face each wall).

Ganon Baker - jump stop and leg whip (180-degree reverse pivot), also fake the go - two steps forward then back.

Ray Lokar- hop stops (quick jump stops)- hop stop, reverse pivot, forward pivot


- coach uses a whistle- coach uses start-stop hand signals (hand closed, hand open)
- players stop at the foul line, halfcourt, far foul line, baseline, or use cones.

SNYB - change of speed - use cones, tell players to go slow (walk), medium (jog) or fast (run), stop or stutter at each cone, mix it up, progression - while dribbling.

See Dribbling - Stops & pivots.

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