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Pass and replace

Kevin Eastman

2 passes to 3 and follows, 3 passes to 4 and follows, 4 sweeps, drives for a layup, rebounds and goes to the back of the passing line.

3 is the next shooter.

Change direction.

Option - use left-hand push passes.

- three-point shots, see Shooting - Zone
- 4 takes one dribble and shoots, see Jr. NBA - Offence (reverse the ball)
- 3 pass fakes to 4 (or a coach) and drives right, see Jr. NBA - Passing (pass fake and drive).

Ganon Baker (coachesclipboard.ca) - 4-out spacing, wing and swing spots.
- 3 drags the arc to the corner then blast cuts
- 3 starts in the corner and blast cuts
- crossover step, outside-hand push pass
- 4 passes and basket cuts (can replace 3 with a coach).

See Tactics - 4-out 1-in drive-kick-shoot, Teaching 4-out motion, Passing - Triangle.

Ian MacKinnon - 4-line layups

3 cuts to the basket for a pass from 4.

Progression - 3 dives to the corner and blast cuts for a pass.

See Passing - Spider.up

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