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Dick Bennett coach close-outs

Dick Bennett

1 passes to coach and guards him (run a couple of steps, chop steps, hands high), then 1 will go off, coach pass to 2, repeat. Progressions - don't allow baseline penetration from the wing (coach jabs baseline, take it away), then no rhythm shot (without a dribble).

An on-ball defender also has to level off a dribbler (force him sideways), bother the shot, and jump to the ball on a pass.

If you close out high you can close out short, don't have to get as close. Count 1001 then bring the hands down to the sides.

- coach tosses the ball on the floor, 1 gets it on the first bounce, 2 passes another ball to coach
- coach keeps the ball, other players close out without first passing.

See Defending - Ball drop, 2-ball dance, Pasquali closeouts, Nash triangle slides.

Progression - 1 on 1 from the top, the attacker gets the ball at the pack line (16 feet from the basket), has one dribble (or none), the defender defends all players before switching with a new defender.

Lloyd Mitchell (Greenvale) - on each side, players close out on an imaginary attacker at the 3-point line, then the progression is close out and take two slides baseline, call "dead" and mirror an imaginary ball. Stay in a wide, low stance with a hand up in the passing lane and a hand on the ball. Switch lines.

goxavier.com - Vegas close-outs - players start under the rim, pass to coach behind the arc on the wing and close out:
- run first then short, choppy steps
- high hands, bent elbows, butt down, head back
- yell "shot", play drive
- touching distance in stance (should be able to touch the ball)
- take shooter out of rhythm.
Place coaches at various positions around the 3-point line for multiple reps at the same time.

See Defending - Petitgoue closeouts, Team closeouts.

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