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5-Star Basketball Drills

1 passes to 2 who passes to low-post 4 who forward pivots on the top foot and overhead passes to 8. At the same time 3 passes to 6 who passes to 5 who passes to 7. All players follow their passes, with 4 and 5 going to the end of lines opposite.

Option - coach specifies the post feed, e.g., bounce pass baseline side.
Ian MacKinnon
 - use only the wings and low posts, not the guard spots
- reverse pivot on the bottom foot, skip pass to the opposite wing
- take two back-down dribbles into the middle with the baseline hand, pass with the same hand off the dribble to the opposite wing (alternate sides).
See Post play - Blitz drill.


- 4 and 5 make a post move, shoot, rebound (specify the moves to avoid collisions, e.g., power move baseline on one side, power move middle on the other)
- each ball stays on the same side (4 outlets to 7)
- use four balls, 4 and 5 rebound and go with their balls to the opposite lines.

See Passing - Nash halfcourt.

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