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Pro Training workout #2

Tony Watson
Pro Training (YouTube)

See video - Full ballhandling workout #2, also Dribbling - Pro Training workout.

1) Stationary

a) Ballhandling

20 reps each,

- right-leg bounce (wrap the right leg inside-out, bounce the ball every second wrap)
- left-leg bounce
- figure 8
- figure 8 bounce (two bounces every second figure 8)
- one leg, two legs
- one leg, two legs reverse (change direction).

b) Dribbling

20 each,

- right hand side to side over a cone, then left hand
- right-hand push-throughs (pound right side of the cone, left side, push under the right leg, catch with the right hand, continue)
- left-hand push-throughs
- one-dribble crossovers (no cone, pound crossover, continue)
- one-dribble between the legs
- one-dribble behind the back.

2) Fullcourt series

2 sets, full speed, up and back (zig-zag),

- two-dribble crossovers (pound, pound, cross)
- one-dribble crossovers (pound, cross)
- two-dribble between
- one-dribble between
- two-dribble behind
- one-dribble between.
- three-dribble change
- wrap, spin
- add stutter, inside-out.

See Dribbling - Fullcourt zig-zag, Matt Doherty, Speed course.

3) Diamond drill

4 cones, finish with layups, 3 times each, both sides,

- crossover (at each cone)
- between
- behind.

See Dribbling - Tony Watson series (Diamond drill).

4) Two-move pull-ups

Two cones on each wing and out top, make 6 shots to move on (total of 24 makes)

- on the right wing, the ball starts in the right hand, two crossovers into a pull-up jump shot, make two shots
- repeat with between the legs then behind the back
- repeat on the left wing, ball starts in the left hand
- repeat out top, make 6 shots with the ball starting in the right hand, then 6 shots starting with the left hand.
See Dribbling - Halfcourt drives (NBA drives), Matt Doherty, Shooting - 5star shots off the dribble.

5) Ball control and scoring series

Start at the top of the key with a cone, need a made shot to move on, two sets, total of 24 makes,

- crossover layup (pound the ball on the right-left-right side of the cone, crossover move into a layup)
- crossover pull-up
- between the legs layup
- between the legs pullup
- behind the back (wrap the ball) layup
- behind the back pull-up.

Repeat going right, do two sets.

Finish the workout with at least 20 made free throws.

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