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Tar Heels box-out 3 on 2 on 1

Roy Williams

Coach shoots, 2 and 4 box out X2 and X4 (who can rebound). On a defensive rebound, point guard 1 breaks to the ballside sideline for an outlet pass then drives middle, the outlet passer fills the outside lane. 1, 2 and 4 attack X1 and X3. The two defenders call "ball" and "hole", hole takes the basket and first pass, ball takes the ball and gets back opposite the first pass.

On a stop or score, X1 and X2 attack middle player 1 coming back in a 2-on-1 (option - the shooter defends), 2 and 4 will defend the next 3-on-2, other players leave the floor.

If a little guy is defending a 2-on-1, fake and back off; a big guy should go to the front of the rim, they have to score over you.
- two teams alternate attacking and defending the 3 on 2, keep score
- a player on the offensive rebounding team takes the free throw, and can rebound.
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