Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

Early time

Hoop Tactics

Early time is the time before practice actually begins, or a warm-up for an individual workout. It prepares you physically and mentally. It can be done fullcourt or modified for halfcourt.

1) Ballhandling

Warm up your hands and wrists by dribbling a ball with each hand, head up, crossover in front and behind your legs, dribble around each leg, etc.

2) Basic running

a) Jog upcourt with both hands up, pause, jog back.

b) Backward running - run to halfcourt with hands up, turn and run backwards to the far baseline, pause and repeat coming back.

c) Cross-over running - carioca upcourt facing one sideline, pause, repeat coming back, facing the same side.

d) Vertical jumping (like skipping) - go upcourt jumping off one leg then the other, the opposite knee comes up toward the chest and the opposite hand is as high as possible, pause, turn and repeat coming back.

e) Hopping - hop back and forth on one leg along a sideline (or other line), change legs at halfcourt, hop to the far baseline, pause, turn and repeat coming back.

f) Accelerations - sprint to halfcourt then decelerate to the baseline, pause and repeat coming back.

g) Defensive slides - run to halfcourt, turn and defensive slide, changing directions, to the baseline, pause and repeat coming back.

Coach K

- jog up and back
- high knees to halfcourt, jog the rest
- slide to halfcourt, pivot to change lead foot
- carioca to halfcourt, pivot to change lead foot
- backpedal to halfcourt, turn and jog the rest.
Ray Lokar
- jog up and back
- jog to halfcourt, turn and backpedal the rest
- high knees
- butt kicks
- carioca
- power skips (arms mimic a layup)
- skate jumps (bound forward and to the side)
- v-cuts
- hop stops (quick jump stops)
- pivots (hop stop each quarter court, reverse pivot, forward pivot)
- defensive slides, facing the baseline, changing directions (zig-zag)
- slide, sprint, slide
- zig-zag vs v-cuts (partner v-cuts, stay in front of him).
"Change" series (change direction)
- run, change directions 180 degrees on "change" (or a whistle)
- run forwards, backwards on "change"
- lateral slide, change direction on "change".

3) Basic Shooting

a) Backboard tipping - tip the ball off the backboard (or wall) 10 times with one hand then with the other hand, you can try to score on the 10th tip, repeat two more times for 60 tips in total.
See Post play - Tipping,

b) Mikan drill - alternate right-hand and left-hand layups, keep the ball high, go until you make 12 shots, repeat two more times.

c) Rebound shot with bounce - toss the ball high off the backboard on the right side, jump and rebound with arms straight, without bending the arms quickly bounce off both feet and shoot with the right hand. Repeat on the left side with the left hand, alternate sides until you make 12 shots, repeat two more times.
d) Individual shooting - concentrate on game-type shots including bank shots and free throws.

Cooling down - end by making 10 consecutive free throws (or just 10 free throws for younger players).
Taylor Allan - finishing complex - make two of each move on each side (alternate sides),
a) two-foot Mikans, regular and reverse
b) from the elbows,
- one-dribble baby hook, finish on other side (three steps)
- one-dribble inside-hand layup (same side, two steps, off the outside foot)
c) from the mid-posts, spin a pass, one-dribble drop and hop,
- middle jump hook
- baseline baby bank
d) from the elbows, drop and hop middle for a strong-hand floater off two feet.up

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