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Dave Love

Dave Love
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d) 90 degrees (turns)
e) Robin Lopez (guide hand beside the ball)
f) 5-across (sideline to sideline)
g) Slippery slope (curl forward, slide back).
About 15 times during a workout, take two free throws with your heart rate up. Make them as much like a game situation as possible. Start at the top of the circle before each shot, when you step in the routine is always the same. Don't just step up and shoot, e.g. use two dribbles. The ball should be on the nail, not one foot on the nail. Target the back rim (tendency to miss short when tired), keep feet on the floor.

He will do 100 free throws at a time but not very often, it takes 10-12 minutes with a rebounder, re-setting between each shot.
a) Form shooting

Shoot a lot of easy shots early. Start with about 10 form shots about 10 feet in front of the basket (no guide hand, knees bent), try to be perfect on the release.

Isolation shooting - waiter position with guide hand beside but off the ball (isolation position), knees bent, shoot. Goal - consistently shoot 90%.

A-B-C shooting -  slow from triple threat (A) to isolation position (B), quick from B to C (shoot), goal is donít stop or pause at B.
Shoulders over knees, knees over toes. Index (pointer) finger in the middle of the ball and on the target line. Get to the shot pocket while your legs are still loaded, go up and out from there. Set the wrist as early as possible. Lock the elbow, elbow above eyes as the ball leaves your hand. Flick the wrist (wrist snap) for backspin, it kills forward momentum, helps the ball go in.up


Use three concentric semi-circles 3-to-5, 7-to-9 and 10-to-12 feet from the basket, take 7-8 shots (with guide hand) along each semi-circle, moving progressively away from the basket, focus on perfect release. If you miss two in a row, move in, make a couple, get your confidence back.

Progression - mix in some game moves, e.g. jab step.

Take two free throws.up

b) Catch on the move

13-foot curls up from the baseline, take 5 from each side (then 2 free throws).

c) Slide around the horn

For players with balance problems. Go around the horn and back using a defensive slide, the passer slowly rolls a ball, don't take any steps after you pick it up, toes pointed to the rim. Progressions

- catch a soft bounce pass
- catch a chest pass, jump laterally behind the ball.up

d) 90 degrees

Face a sideline, turn when the passer slaps the ball, catch and shoot, alternate sides.

Progression - 180 degrees, face away from the basket.
(Variation - the shooter starts with hot feet)

See Shooting - 90s.up

e) Robin Lopez progression

For players who bring the ball behind their head. Similar to form shooting.

Ball up in the shooting platform, one-hand form shooting with the guide hand about 4 inches away from the side of the ball (isolation position). Bent knees, finish up on toes.


- same position, the passer drops a pass on to the shooting hand
- catch a chest pass
- catch a relatively bad pass, bring the ball directly in a straight line to the shooting platform
- jump behind the ball and get it to the shooting platform.

Augie Johnston - on a catch, dip and bring the ball down to the bottom of your shot line.up

f) 5-across

Start from an elbow, cut to the sideline and back, catch and shoot from the elbow, putback any miss, touch the other sideline, shoot from the other elbow, keep going until you make 5.


- catch with a jump stop behind the 3-point line, shot fake, one-dribble pull-up middle
- make 15 (15-across).

See Shooting - Memphis sideline, JJ Redick, Tauer on the move.up

g) Slippery slope

Two steps forward, one step back.

Use about 10 cones around the horn, start behind the baseline, curl around the first cone to the second cone into a 1-2 stop, catch and shoot, slide back to the first cone, catch and shoot, continue around the horn, curl two cones forward then slide back one cone.

See Shooting - Triano workout.up

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