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Fast break
Triano first big

Jay Triano
Basketball Manitoba Super Coaches Clinic Video Series

Guards are on the sidelines, 2 and 3 have their backs to the sideline, foul-line extended. Coach shoots, bigs 4 and 5 compete for the rebound, the rebounder outlets to either side (ballside), the other big runs to the rim, 2 catches, sweeps, pushes it out in front with two dribbles and hits 4 over the top. 4 lays it in, 5 trails, 3 runs the other wing.
(Option - 1 and 3 sprint to touch the baseline up and back)

5 gets a foot in the lane, shooter 4 rebounds, outlets to 3, who dribbles and hits 5 on a rim run.

Rotate in new players.

See Fast break - First big UBC, First big, 5 (post fly).

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