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Lane slides


On a signal, slide back and forth between the sides of the lane (or lines on the floor) in a defensive stance for 5-15 seconds.
Mike McNeill - as many times as possible in 15 seconds, rest 30-45 seconds.
See Jr. NBA Defence - Lateral pushes.

Larry Shyatt - using a North American lane, slide back and forth for 30 seconds, with both feet outside on each side, make 10 trips (20 lane lines), 9 and a half for bigs.

Bob Hurley - slide across coming to a jump stop outside the lane, goal is 20 in a minute.

Lee Taft - Speed training - use all baskets,
a) lane slides at 100% effort for 5 seconds, outside foot crosses the line, recover for 40 seconds (shoot foul shots), do five sets
b) crossover step and run side to side for 6 seconds, both feet outside, 40-second recovery, 5 sets.
Compared with conditioning, the goal for speed training is short bursts (7-10 seconds) and longer recovery.
Taylor Allan
- start with 10 lateral two-foot line jumps, slide across and back, repeat, change sides and go again, repeat with one-foot line jumps, variations - start with hot feet or pogo jumps
- line-hop slides - start at the 3-point line above the baseline, do 10 two-foot line hops, slide to the opposite 3-point line, repeat 5 times (6 total slides).
Slide-sprint-jog - slide right 5-10 metres, sprint to the start, jog back for recovery, repeat sliding left, variation - carioca.
See Tryouts - Physical testing (shuttle run), also Dribbling - Wojo guard box (escape, crab and pullback dribbles), Jr. NBA - Defence.


Complete Conditioning for Basketball (Human Kinetics)

Facing the court, slide left, slide right back to the start, sprint to the foul line, slide left, slide right, backpedal to the start.


Complete Conditioning for Basketball

Go around four cones. From the foul line, sprint to the baseline, slide right, backpedal, slide left and touch a change of direction line.
(Variation - start on the baseline)

Then slide right, sprint baseline, slide left, backpedal through the starting point.

This can be a timed agility test starting on your first movement. Go twice, take the fastest time, start over on a foul (e.g., cutting a corner).

See Nash triangle slides, Conditioning - Baller Boot Camp agility.
Progression - 2-ball dribbling, see Dribbling - Tony Watson series (2-ball lane slides).


NBA pre-draft agility test (timed)

Start on the baseline, run up one side of the lane, slide across the foul line, backpedal down the other side, slide back to the start.
See Jr. NBA - Defence (closeout, slide & backpedal).

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