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Ian MacKinnon

Use six baskets, players are paired up, each player has a ball, all start in the jump circle. Here only two pairs are shown for clarity, 1-2 and 3-4.

Partners in turn take a layup at all six baskets, dribbling back to the jump circle after each shot. Start going counter-clockwise, dribbling with the right hand, take

- 6 regular layups
- 6 reverse layups
- 6 power layups (outside-inside)

Repeat going clockwise, dribbling with the left hand.

1) Counter-clockwise

1 and 3 take a regular right-hand layup at different baskets.

1 and 3 dribble back to the jump circle and keep their dribble alive while 2 and 3 take their layups at the same baskets.

1 and 3 take layups at their next baskets (counter-clockwise) while 2 and 4 dribble back to the jump circle.

With 12 or more players, 1 and 3 may need to wait for players in front of them to clear the baskets.

1 and 3 will dribble back to the middle while 2 and 4 take their next layups. Continue going counter-clockwise until all players have taken a regular right-hand layup at each basket, repeat with reverse then power layups.
Variation - use different finishes, e.g. Euro-step at the main baskets, half reverse when finishing on the other side etc.

2) Clockwise

Re-set, repeat the series going clockwise, dribbling with the left hand,

- regular left-hand layup at each basket
- reverse layup
- power layup.

See Layups - Starburst pairs.

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