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2 on 2 low post box-out



Coach shoots, play to a stop or score, on a stop defenders X4 and X5 outlet to 2 or 3. Rotation is outlets off, defenders to outlets, attackers to defenders, new attackers come on.
See Rebounding - Calipari pads.
- coach can pass to attackers, see Two shooters, Low-post block-out
- attackers can pass to coach, who can shoot or pass, see 2 on 2 weakside, Triangle screening.
- attackers can jam a defensive rebound
- after a score, attackers can rebound and score again (play until defenders get the ball)
- defenders must make 2 (or 3) rebounds in a row to get out, see Pitt 2 on 2 war
- defenders can score, for options see Michigan State 2 on 2, Oakland Knight
- to start, coach just calls "shot", checks rebounders.

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