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Fullcourt zig-zag

Start from one corner dribbling with the left hand, make a crossover move at the elbow, halfcourt sideline, far elbow, far corner, dribble along the baseline, repeat coming back from the opposite corner, do one or two laps, repeat with between the legs, behind the back, and spin (or reverse) dribble.
Option - pullback dribble with change of direction (crossover, between the legs).
Augie Johnston - mini zig-zag - one dribble between each move (cross, between, behind).
Ray Lokar - fullcourt head's up - in a fullcourt dribble drill, coach stands upcourt, when he shows his target hands the dribbler must pass and cut to the basket for a return pass.


- use zig-zag cones, make a move at each cone (shown for 1), or dribble around the cones
- tight zig-zag cones
- triple moves
- use a line of cones, tight (shown) or loose
- players start in both corners
- finish with a layup at one end (shown for 3), or both ends.
Cone-line uses include change of direction, inside-out, hesitation, slalom (weave), and one-hand weave (snake).

See Dribbling - Speed course, Halfcourt moves, Halfcourt drives, Obstacle course, Team chase, Relay races, Calipari warm-up, Tauer halfcourt, UMass, Speed race, Gooroo, KP series, Guard workout, Coach Rock cones.

Tim Springer - use zig-zag cones on one side (change direction at each cone) and a line of cones on the other side (go through with one-dribble, crossover combos). Also do inside-out moves with a cone line, or weave with one hand.

Matt Kellett (Fleetwood Basketball)
a) zig-zag chairs (or cones)
- crossover at each chair, progressions - behind the back, between the legs, retreat (pullback) and change direction, can add spin dribble
- combinations at each chair - fake crossover (inside-out) and between the legs, inside-out behind the back, inside-out spin, crossover-between, crossover-behind, crossover-spin, behind-between, behind-spin, between-spin
b) line of cones
- one dribble to crossover, progressions - fake crossovers (inside-out), snake through with the right hand, then left hand

Frankston Blues - line dribbling - use cones, players start in both corners and make a change-of-direction move at each cone, the designated moves are crossover, behind the back, between the legs. Variation - follow the leader, all players follow the moves of a designated player.

Basketball Australia - obstacle dribble - dribble around cones, alternate hands, keeping the ball in the hand away from the cone, use all types of dribbles and crossovers, shorten the distance of the cones to increase the difficulty of the drill.

Winning Hoops - Celtic layups - use a line of three cones on each side, finish with a layup.

See Shooting - 5star fullcourt, Billy Donovan workouts (fullcourt dribble moves).

Matt Kellett - 2-ball series

a) 2-ball line

Two-ball dribble upcourt around the last cone and back on the other side using

- low same-time dribble
- low alternate dribble
- waist-high same-time
- waist-high alternate
- one ball low and one ball high, switch coming back.

Progression - snake through (same time, then alternate), shown for 3.

b) 2-ball zig-zag

Same-time dribble moves,

- crossover (both balls)
- between the legs and crossover
- behind the back and crossover.

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