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Justin Remington via Mike Neighbors

Pairs shooting competition, usually two teams per basket, five shooting spots, four rounds, score 1 point per make (except round 2), add up scores for all rounds [or each round is a separate competition].


1) 3 minutes, one shooter per team, make 5 shots to move to the next spot, partner rebounds, continue until time is up, players switch and repeat.

2) 2 minutes, the shooter must make 2 in a row to move to the next spot, score 2 points for each completed spot, switch and repeat.

(Variation - change the shooter after each 5 makes, or 2 in a row)

3) 5 minutes, alternate shooting (rebound your shot, pass to partner), make 5 combined to move to the next spot.

(Variation - make 2 or 3 in a row combined to move)

4) Each player takes 10 free throws.

Lee Rose - self-motivating shooting drills that require players to make five shots from one spot (or three in a row) before moving are highly effective. In his warm-up shooting, Elden Campbell had to make five in a row and would then keep going to see how many he could make consecutively before moving.
Mads Olesen - 3-in-3 - one player shoots for 3 minutes with one or two rebounders, each three in a row is one point, a) from the foul line, b) from behind the 3-point line.

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