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1 on 1
Tom Crean 3-minute

Tom Crean

4 players. To start the drill, attacker 1 must be somewhere behind the arc (move around), defender 2 must have at least one foot in the paint. Coach passes to 1, 2 closes out. 1 has three dribbles, play to a stop, score or foul. 1 stays on attack with a score or defensive foul (each worth one point), 2 goes on attack with a stop, 3 is always the next defender. The next attacker passes to coach and gets behind the line for a return pass, and can shoot if the defender isn't there yet. Coach can say no to a bad shot, defence ball.

Option - the attacker can pass to coach for a return pass.
See 1 on 1 - Close-out, Coach as passer, and Scrimmage - Cut-throat.

Here 2 makes a stop, passes to coach, gets behind the line, new defender 3 comes on.

The winner after three minutes gets a drink, second place runs down and back, the others run a 22.

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