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Florida circle the wagons

Larry Shyatt

Five attackers are outside the arc, five defenders circle clockwise in the lane, in stance and calling an attacker's name as they circle. When coach shoots they sprint to their man, hit him below the waist, then go get the ball. To work on blocking out, make the defenders get 3 in a row.


- to avoid injuries, defenders just tag attackers then go for the ball
- attackers just push defenders, or they go like hell for the ball but first must spin right or left
- on an offensive rebound, get the ball out to the attacking point guard with a 12-second clock, work on clock offence
- on a defensive rebound, fast break with 12 seconds to get the ball into the paint, optionally require a sideline break to create a helpside.

In transition defence you have a man when somebody yells "ball", hopefully before halfcourt.
After 9-10 minutes of perfection drills at the start of practice, the first thing every day for the Florida Gators is zone or man transition defence.
Brenda Frese - Triangle rebounding - 3 on 3, attackers make a triangle inside the arc, defenders circle the paint clockwise, box out the nearest attacker on a shot, attackers score one point for an offensive rebound, another point for a basket, defenders score on a rebound and outlet to coach, rotate players each time (come in on offence). Progression - attackers move too.
See Rebounding - Illinois war, 5star circle, Circle the wagons.
(Variation - defenders get one point for a defensive rebound, give the ball to coach and stay on defence, attackers switch to defence with an offensive rebound and optionally can score a basket for a point before switching to defence, see Rebounding - Single bubble)

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