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5star circus

Barry Brodzinski

Self pass to the corner from under the basket, run out, catch and turn, shoot, rebound.

Sprint in front of the ball so that you are facing the basket when it bounces.

Continue by self-passing to the other corner, opposite wing, other wing, and top of the key.

Make 4 out of 5 in 20 seconds or keep going.


- dribble, crossover dribble, shoot (two dribbles)
- 3-point shots
- one-dribble pull-ups, either direction
- one-dribble 3-point shots.

Rick Pitino

- no dribble
- bank shots from the wing
- add elbow tosses
- score plus 1 for a make, minus 2 for a miss, play to plus or minus 4.
(Another progression - dribble out instead of a spin-out)
Taylor Allan
- Euro drill - start under the rim, spin passes to yourself, shoot 15-footers from the right corner, right wing, top, left wing, and left corner (with right-shoulder turns), repeat coming back (with left-shoulder turns), go again shooting 3s, then two more sets for 60 shots
- Allan Houston - solo shooting, make as many 3's as you can in 60 seconds (variation - shoot 3's or 15-foot shots with regular scoring).

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