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5 on 5

Fullcourt 5 on 5, to promote transition, everything is a miss (outlet on a make), and any ball out of bounds goes to the defence.


- regular scoring (2s and 3s) plus 1 point for an offensive rebound
- use a 12-second or 16-second shot clock (George Karl)
- a turnover is minus 1 (Flip Saunders)
- if coach calls "turnover" (bad offence), put the ball down and get back on defence (Chris Oliver)
- positionless transition - a defensive rebounder can't pass to a teammate who is in the backcourt (Coach Mac), unless double-teamed
- the ball must be passed across halfcourt (Greg Kampe), promote advance passes
- one-second game - attackers have one second to shoot, pass, or drive to create a pass or shot (Brian McCormick)
- after a score, offence can rebound and score again (McCormick)
- one team is losing and crashes the offensive boards, the other team has safeties and gets back in transition.

See Transition - Lemanis 5 on 5, Woodley (Turnover), Scrimmage - Whistle, also Scrimmage - Ideas, Fullcourt.

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