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Oakland 5 on 4, 5 on 3

Greg Kampe

Priorities in transition defence are protect the basket and get the ball stopped. The first line of defence sprints to the rim then steps out, make them make a pass if they attack you. The second defender stops the ball at halfcourt, or earlier. Guys behind the ball run with vision, look ahead, take away one of the ballhandler's options. They don't want "buddy running" beside your check, don't guard people, guard the ball. You find a player, not your player. Communication is key.

If you turn it over, turn and sprint back, don't run at the ball.

a) 5 on 4

Coach passes to any attacker behind the baseline, his defender has to touch the baseline before defending.

Go down and back, repeat, continue, swap teams.

b) 5 on 3

Coach calls the name of another defender, who also has to touch the baseline.

See Transition - 4 on 4 recover, 5 on 4.up

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