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Create a lead

Damian Cotter
FIBA (YouTube)
See YouTube video - Teaching offensive fundamentals.

1 dribbles out from the baseline with his outside hand, jump stops, front pivots on the inside foot (lift the heel).

3 creates a lead from the corner, gets a pass for a layup, both players change lines. 3 uses two steps of deception as 1 is dribbling out - inside, getting below and behind a defender, break his line, run through a catch.

Pivots on the wing

- inside-foot front pivot
- inside-foot reverse pivot
- outside foot reverse pivot

2 and 4 do the same on the other side. Have two teams, first team to 3 (you lose quality).

See Layups - Blast cuts.


a) 1 on 1

Rotate offence-defence-off, but to get out the defender has to make a stop, get the ball, and score with one dribble.

b) 2 on 2

1 passes to a coach, runs out, his defender follows, coach drops the ball on the floor in front of 1, who picks it up and faces up, it's live.

Go at the same time on the other side, it's messy, but messy can be good.

1 can pass to 3, cut to the basket (use two steps of deception, take the path of least resistance) then go into a post-up, chest to the ball. 3 uses a pass fake, e.g. low to the same side if he wants to pass high.

In the post, a front pivot to the middle on the high foot works really well with younger players, you've got a built-in counter.

Other options for 1

- pass and corner cut
- dribble hand-off
- on-ball screen.

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