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Bruce Pearl

2 coaches on each sideline, players and two balls at each end. 1 passes to the first coach, gets a return pass, passes to the next coach, gets a return pass for a layup, 6 will take the ball out of the net. 2 goes before 1 shoots. 4 and 5 do the same on the other side. Make 80 baskets in 2 minutes.
Winning Hoops - Celtic drill - only two coaches, one at each outlet position, players throw the ball off the backboard, rebound, outlet, and sprint to the other end for a return pass, shooting a layup, jumper or hook.
Mike Procopio - transition jump shots - the last passer on each side is foul-line extended, hit the shooter at the elbow for a jump shot, get your own rebound, the next player goes on the shot, continue then switch sides.
See Passing - Around the world layups, Fullcourt elbows, Layups - Jenkins around the world.

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