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Florida Laker

Billy Donovan, Larry Shyatt

One ball, players at one end. 1 self-rebounds to start play, passes to 2 who passes back to 1, who headmans to 3 for a layup. 3 crosses to the other side, 2 rebounds, 1 runs around a cone on the 3-point line, foul-line extended. Passers call each guy's name out.

Larry Shyatt - 1 just passes to 2 to start play (no self rebound) and runs around a far cone that is just above block level. Wings run out of bounds (use cones), passers holler names. Coach can specify left or right-hand layups in practice, in a game it just better go in.

Hoop Tactics (Michigan)

- 2 make a putback on a miss
- 1 runs to touch the baseline.

Make or miss, 2 outlets to 3 who passes back to 2 who headmans to 1. The next group takes the ball out of the net (don't leave early). If there are 12 guys, make 12 layups in a row, start again at zero on a miss, travel, or ball hitting the floor. Then change sides.

Hoop Tactics

- 2 inbounds
- 3 rebounds for 1, 2 runs to touch the baseline
- when the ball reaches halfcourt coming back, three players start from the other end
- goal is 25 layups in 2 minutes.
See Passing - Celtic, 3-man super weave.

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