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Post play
Power pick-ups

Shooter 4 starts under the basket with a ball on the floor at each block. 4 runs to a ball, makes a post move and shoots, runs to the other ball for a post move and shot, and continues from block to block. Player 1 rebounds the ball from the left block and puts it back, 2 does the same with the ball on the right block. How many baskets can 4 make in 30 seconds or 1 minute?

Option - specify the post move to be used, e.g., drop-step layup, baby hook, jump hook, power move, wheel move, turnaround shot, turnaround step-through, spin move baseline. S
ee Pitt Malone.


- only one rebounder
- touch the foul line between baskets
- add a defender
- place the balls on two chairs
- move the balls above the blocks, add a power dribble to each move.

Another variation - start with three balls on the floor, 4 picks one up and shoots, rebounds, puts the ball down on the other block and picks up the ball already there. 1 and 2 do not rebound, but make sure the balls don't roll away from the blocks.

Barry Brodzinski 3-player inside

4 picks up the ball on the left block and shoots, repeats with the ball on the right block, then cuts to the foul line and turns for a pass from 1 and shoots. Switch shooters.

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