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Kiwi cutting


1 cuts to the elbow then curls to the basket, gets a pass from 4, shoots, rebounds, and switches lines. 4 cuts for a pass from 2, etc.
For high-pocket shooting, players cut across the lane about 8-12 feet in front of the basket, catch a pass above their head with both feet in the air, land on two feet, and immediately pop up into their shot.
- shot fake, up and under
- no-dribble finish on the other side (baby hook, tight scoop, half reverse, Rondo fake half reverse, goofy foot)
- running hook, front of the rim
- early catch, 1-2 dribbles.
See Shooting - Continuous, Fill cuts, Nash 20-minute workout (post turnarounds), Post play - Double cuts, Dino Radja, Post moves and shots.

Variation - shooters backcut for a two-hand overhead pass, jump stop and finish.

- backcut for a bounce pass
- swim or pin and spin for a pass at the rim.
See Shooting - Huggins cutting.
Cut to the ball for a pass, catch and go, pull-thru, sweep, or Paul-Pierce reverse pivot, drive and finish, e.g.,
- one dribble (from behind the arc)
- secondary move (change of direction, get to the other side of the rim)
- power layup (then spin away, up and under)
- inside hand
- fake a pass
- Ginobili (Euro step)
- behind the back
- reverse layup (off one foot or two)
- spin to the rim (or spin dribble)
- spin, shot fake, step thru (duck under), or goofy-foot step outside
- fake spin (Rondo - fake spin middle, spin back, step to the basket, goofy-foot finish high off the backboard)
- fake spin, spin back, shot fake, step thru or step outside
- floater (off one foot or both), runner, pro hop, slice, slide shot
- reach out, early layup (stretch)
- goofy-foot (Tony Parker - outside hand off outside foot)
- pullback, head fake, blow by (then pullback cross or between)
- jab series (jab-go, jab-cross, upfake-go, upfake-cross, rocker - jab-upfake-go, jab-upfake-cross)
- sweep series (sweep and go, sweep and cross)
- permanent pivot foot.

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