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Oakland pressure

Greg Kampe

Bring the ball across halfcourt.

1) 8 pass (no scoring)

Attackers do anything they want (basket cut, ballscreen, make the defence work) but can't shoot, play until they make 8 passes or defenders steal the ball and attack the far basket.

Defenders can't go wrong off the ball if they have two feet inside the pack line (about 17 feet from the basket).

(Variation - the offence can shoot after 8 passes)

a) 3 on 3 (shown)

b) 4 on 4

c) 4 on 4 with low post

8 passes including one post touch.

Progression - two post touches.
(Variation - live on a post touch or 8 passes)

2) With scoring

4 on 4 with low post.

3/4 the post with the ball on the wing.

a) Must dribble

All attackers must take two dribbles before they can pass or shoot.
- two dribbles before shooting not passing
- one dribble.

b) Post touch

There must be a post touch before a shot, with no dribble rule.
(Variation - live on a post touch or "go")

On a post entry, defenders crowd the post based on what colour their check is, e.g.

- if 3 is "red" (a good shooter), X3 opens up with his butt to the baseline but no direct pass back out to the shooter (shown),
- if 3 is "green", X3 gets in about halfway to the ball (chokes), is active, swiping at the ball, sees his check, and goes with 3 if he relocates,
- if 3 is "blue", he can't shoot, X3 charges the ball and gets two hands on it.

Any ballside defender plays the same way (here X1).

On the weakside, X2 protects the basket no matter what colour he is guarding, he reads the other perimeter defenders, e.g.

- if X3 and X1 are out on red shooters, X2 is much more important,
- if X3 and X1 are both blue, X2 can loosen towards the weakside,
- if they are both green, X2 reads what happens.

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